Nuevos horizontes

Fresh news… this time very close to the realization of the dream that has kept us busy this past year. On August 15, 2015, we applied to the Salento city hall for our building permit, which arrived three months later and allowed us to lay the first stone. Just one year later we have the house practically finished. And we are four weeks away from opening the Gran Azul Ecoresort, the hotel that must be the home of travelers who land in this country in search of new horizons and adventures.

The sensations are, above all, of emotion. We have put a lot of energy and perseverance into this project, which is coming to an end. Similar to a pregnancy, the construction grows day by day, and now we feel that this state is over, and a new stage begins with the “baby” in our arms. That is to say, we went from builders to hoteliers, a new activity begins, which we will certainly have to get to know and from which we still have a lot to learn. But we don’t lack the desire!! With great hope that the house and its rooms are filled with people, children, laughter and conversations. That this house, which has been built brick by brick and now still feels cold, uninhabited, begins to absorb all the human warmth and energy that surrounds it. In short, come to life!

During these last nine months we have had a good team of workers on board, led by an exceptional master builder, Crespo, charismatic and full of positive energy, who, in addition to doing a great job, has always supervised his operators with good humor and many laughs. And we are where we are thanks to Jordi, always at the foot of the canyon, supervising, collaborating, putting “his hands in the dough”. And above all, supplying the necessary materials that were gradually being used for the work. In addition to this basic team, the different work teams have been arriving, the electricians, the painters, the platers…

To highlight the magnificent work of Pedro and his son Alex, two personalities who came one day to cover the houses, and amazed us with their art. They assembled the ceilings manually, between the two of them, without using even an electric saw, all done by hand and by hand. Working hard and slowly, a beauty to see how they moved in the heights placing wooden beams and columns.

As the house grew and expanded visibly, life went on. Gina happy going to school every day, where she has made super friends. Every afternoon the girls get together in one house or another, and luckily the moms have also become good friends. There are pool afternoons and workshop afternoons at Gran Azul Kids. Children, creativity and workshop leaders have passed through here. The two vacations that we organized in the summer vacations were wonderful, each time seven children with whom we created a good team throughout the week. Beatriz taught us how to paint mandalas, Clau introduced the children to yoga, Seira made them paint and run, with Marcela they worked on body expression, with Cesar they became jugglers, with Nuna they wove eyes of God, Clarita made bread with them, with Cris they went in search of the treasure and planted in the garden… And the workshop leaders realize day by day that they are pure inspiration, sponges absorbing everything that surrounds them.

Roc has also become a large German shepherd, nothing reminds him of that puppy that came here six months ago. A couple of times he disappeared from the farm, only to be found hours later by neighbors in town. What a fright! But each time he gets more used to the terrain and its boundaries, and accompanies Jordi on his mountain bike excursions.

Tick ​​tock tick tock… the countdown to our opening party has already started!!

New horizons in sight!!

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